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State Combined Event Championships

This unique State Combined-Event Championship (previously known as the State Multi-Event Championships) has a set program that athletes participate in to gain points for each performance, with the top three overall highest points scorers presented with medals in each age group.

There is a mixture of running, jumping, and throwing events, displaying athlete’s all-round athletic ability. Athletes in the Under 9 to Under 13 age groups compete over one day in a pentathlon (5 events), with the Under 14 age group competing over two days in a hexathlon (6 events) and the Under 15 to Under 17 age groups competing over two days in a heptathlon (7 events). All events are competed at the SA Athletics Stadium.

This Championship is also where the Under 15 State Team athletes are provisionally selected to represent South Australia at the Australian Little Athletics Championships (ALAC).

Show us what you’ve got and challenge yourself in the ultimate test of athletic ability at the State Combined Event Championships!

State Combined Event Championships – Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 February 2024

Registration Cut-Off: 31 December 2023

Qualifying Ends: 28 January 2024

Nominations Open: 3 January 2024

Nominations Close: 31 January 2024

Entry Fee: $25.50

Age groups: Under 9 to Under 17

Final Program for the State Combined-Event Championships COMING SOON…

Final Event Map for the State Combined-Event Championships COMING SOON…