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Mission Statement

“Family, Fun and Fitness” “Be Your Best” “Foundation for all Sports”

The South Australian Little Athletics Association (SALAA), also known as Little Athletics SA, was formed in South Australia in 1972 and is affiliated with Little Athletics Australia.

There are over 50 metropolitan and regional Little Athletics clubs affiliated to the Association. Each Club is made up of volunteers consisting of; parents, coaches, officials, athletes and individuals interested in administering and delivering Little Athletics to children of all ages and abilities.

Our Mission

“To lead and support affiliated South Australian Little Athletics clubs to develop children of all abilities by promoting positive attitudes and a healthy lifestyle through family, fun and fitness.”


Our Vision

“For athletics to be the foundation sporting activity of choice for all children between the age of 3 and 17 within the South Australian community.”


Family, Fun and Fitness is our Motto and Lifestyle!


Family is the corner stone of Little Athletics and is the most important consideration for our children. We have often heard that “The Family that plays together stays together”. In Little Athletics the scope for the Family to “Play Together” is greater than in almost any other contemporary community activity.

In most sports only umpires, referees and “key personnel” have an ongoing involvement during participation. In Little Athletics large numbers of parents are required to operate a Little Athletics Club and this provides the basis for a close Family involvement.


Today our children grow up in an ever increasingly hard world, and therefore, it is very important that they learn from a very early age that communication and competition can be fun. No matter at what level a child takes part in Little Athletics, the self-satisfaction is there, win or lose.


This is the key to a long and happy life and in a number of ways we can instill this message in our children from an early age and set in progress – in a safe and well supervised environment – good habits that will last a lifetime.