Come & Try!

If you’re new and you’ve got an athlete who you think would love Little Aths, but you’re not completely convinced that it’s the sport for you, Come & Try at any of our Clubs!2 x Passes - Come & Try

If you are interested in the Summer Season, families are able to register for 2x Come & Try sessions during this time, or if it’s the Winter Season you’re interested in, families are able to register for 1x Come & Try Session. These Come & Try Sessions can be used at any Club meet throughout the season, before registering!

To register for your Come & Try sessions, you will need to create an account on our Members Portal. Once you have logged into your account, just head to the ‘Come & Try’ tab (located in the menu bar). Once in this section, you will just need to select your preferred Little Athletics Club.

Interested in 2020-21 Season? Click the button below to complete the form to express your interest.

Once you have completed this process, you will receive a confirmation email, which you can take along to your chosen Club when you attend your first Come & Try Session!

Things to bring in C&T

Please ensure that you bring a hat, drink bottle and wear appropriate clothing and footwear that is suitable for running, jumping, throwing and participating in any activities that might be included in the program.