Season Membership

The Summer Track & Field season runs from September/October, right through until the end of March. The start and finish dates for each club can vary.

The Summer Season focuses mainly on Track & Field events and there are numerous State Competitions held throughout the Summer Season. The Winter Race Walking and Cross Country Seasons run from April to July, with set a program at designated locations.

What does a 2019/20 Little Aths Season Membership entitle me to?

Purchasing a 2019/20 Little Athletics Season Membership will entitle your child to attend any activities offered from the 1st September 2019 to 31st July 2020!

Included activities:

★ Access to ANY weekly Competition Meets and Training sessions offered by your chosen Club

★ Insurance cover

★ Access to weekly Club results and achievement books through Results HQ

★ Opportunity to participate in up to SIX Little Athletics SA Summer State Competitions

★ Opportunity to participate in the Country Championships (regional members only)

★ Access to the 2020 WINTER Season program – ALL Cross Country and Race-Walking Programs!

Find out more about our State Competitions and Winter Competitions here!

Which Club should I JOIN? 

As we have over 50 Little Athletics Clubs in South Australia, each of them operate slightly differently. This may mean that their weekly competition meets and trainings (if offered) are held on different days, at different times, at different locations and they may also have different Season Membership Fees.

Use the Find a Club Map to search for your closest Club!

You can also check out what days Clubs run and when their 2019/20 season will be starting by viewing the Clubs Profile page!

Lastly, to find out what all clubs Season Membership Fees are, please CLICK HERE!

How can I REGISTER? 

To register your child/children for the season, you will need to create a profile on our Members Portal (if you have already done this to register for a Come & Try / or if you have done this previously, you will not need to re-create a new profile).

Please ensure that if you are registering your child/children, you must create a family profile and add all information in the required fields.

As the parent/caregiver of the child/children, you are NOT required to register yourself for the season. Just select the ‘Register’ button next to your child/children’s name and follow the prompts.

To add an extra child, head to the ‘Membership Registration’ tab in your account and click on the hyperlink down the bottom of the page where it will read “Click here to add another athlete”.


For further information, view our Frequently Asked Questions