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As a part of the LAPS Program, each school receives a valuable resource CD which contains a PDF document that has examples of athletic activities and lesson plans. Below are the sections from the LAPS Resource Document, which teachers are able to utilise when preparing to teach their athletics unit. 

THE EVENTS – This resource provides teachers with a brief overview of each event relevant to the primary school system. This section is perfect as an introduction to the sport or as quick revision prior to taking a class lesson.


LESSON PLANS – A collection of twenty-seven ready to implement lesson plans for teachers.


OTHER – Additional activities for warm ups, groups, and athletic events.


GUIDE FOR ORGANISING AND CONDUCTING ATHLETICS CARNIVALS – The resource provides information for organising and conducting athletics competitions ranging from formal school carnivals to novel class events.


STUDENT ASSESSMENT PROGRAM – A resource of ideas about how to assess children who are participating in an athletics unit. Included in this section is the following: LAPS Assessment Guidelines, Student Assessment Checklists, Class Assessment Checklists, and Skill Assessment Checklists.