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Rules & Regulations

Little Athletics competitions in Australia are conducted in accordance with the Competition Rules of the IAAF currently in force, with modifications provided for in the Rules and Regulations.

Where it has been decided, the IAAF Rules are not indicative or correct for athletes in the age groups covered by Little Athletics Australia (LAA), the IAAF Rule or part thereof has been rewritten to reflect the nature and abilities of athletes in the various age groups.

From time to time, the IAAF and Athletics Australia will release new versions of the Rules or Technical documents. The LAA Technical Committee will assess these changes and will update these rules to reflect any changes which may occur. To view the current IAAF Rule Book, please visit


The Competition Rules and Regulation documents of Little Athletics South Australia are: 

Little Athletics Australia Rules of Competition 2022-23 – These Rules are a collection of the Little Athletics Australia (LAA) Standard Events and Specifications and the
LAA Standard Rules for Competition.

STANDARD RULES OF COMPETITION 2022-23 (SA) – The document outlines the competition rules for the conduct of State Association Competitions/Championships, and are used as guidelines for affiliated Little Athletics Centres and Club within South Australia.

STANDARD EVENTS & EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATIONS 2022-23 – The document outlines the maximum events and equipment specifications per age group that are approved and recommended for use at affiliated Little Athletics Centres and Clubs. NOTE: Little Athletics Centres and Clubs are permitted to allow athletes to compete over a lesser distance in a track event, use a lower hurdle height, or use a lesser weight in a field event where an athlete would not be able to compete with the standard distance, height or weight. It must be noted that such performances however will not be valid for records or qualification purposes.

OFFICIALS GUIDE RULEBOOK (revised August 2022)– The manual is a guide for Officials on how to conduct the rules of all athletic events in South Australia. These rules apply to the conduct of all State Association Competitions/Championships, and at the competition meets of affiliated Little Athletics Centres and Clubs.