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Little Athletics SA conducts a range of education courses for coaches in the community, as well as provides a number of resources for coaches and athletes (see the above tabs for more information).

Little Athletics SA, in conjunction with Athletics SA, offer a number of non-accredited and accredited coaching courses, which are suitable for anyone (parents, older athletes, volunteers, teachers etc)! For more information about the courses, including course dates, please visit:

INTRODUCTION TO TEACHING LITTLE ATHLETICS SKILLS  (ITLAS) – ITLAS is a non-accredited course that is designed to help participants become better placed to assist children to perform basic athletic skills.

ATHLETICS AUSTRALIA (AA) COACHING COURSES – The AA Coaching Courses are nationally recognised accredited athletics courses that are provided and delivered by Athletics SA. These courses are perfect for anyone who is wanting to commence or looking to continue on the athletics coaching pathway journey.

Coaches hold the ability for athletes to improve and excel not only in the sport, but in many other facets of their lives. While the coach cannot literally create a great athlete, they can influence how the athlete conducts themselves and performs and participates.

Competitive sport is an important avenue where social learning takes place. Parents and coaches play an important role in whether sports participation has a positive or negative effect on the child. Coaches need to ensure that athletes have the opportunity not only to develop physically, but morally as well.