LEVEL 2 Officiating


Level 2 is the next stage of the AAOES. It is targeted at Officials wishing to be appointed as a Chief or Referee at State level and a Chief at National level.

Pre- Requisites

Before attempting Level 2, Officials must have successfully completed learning at Level 1.

This is outlined in the following table;


What is Level 2?

AAOES Level 2 comprises the following components:

  • eLearning through the AAOES eLearning system
  • Attendance at least one (1) approved seminar
  • Completion of 15 days practical at athletics meets
  • Successful completion of an exam

Note: To complete the course, Officials must complete the other three components of learning prior to gaining access to the exam.

To have a Practical Card signed, it is mandatory that the Official approach the person -the Assessor, they wish to sign the card prior to the meet so that the Assessor can review their officiating. If this requirement is not fulfilled the Assessor MUST not sign the card.

The courses at AAOES Level 2 are

  • Track
  • Jumps
  • Throws
  • Walks
  • Out Of Stadia
  • Technical
  • Administration

Components Of Level 2

1. Practical

As part of the Level 2 accreditation, Officials will be required to complete 15 days of practical at approved athletics meets. The Practical Card will need to be completed and signed off by a current Level 2 or Level 3 Official. Officials MUST ask the Official they wish to sign their card to review them during the competition. If this requirement is not fulfilled the card cannot be signed. You can find the Level 2 Practical Proficiency Record card here.

 2. Seminars

As part of the Level 2 accreditation, candidates will be required to attend at least one approved seminar in the discipline. This will need to be signed off on the practical card. Before attending the seminar, the candidate must complete the read read for each seminar. This is available on the right.


As part of the level 2 accreditation, candidates will need to complete certain eLearning. This will include more in depth learning on the rules, as well as key components of Para athletics officiating.

 4.  Exam

Once the above practical, seminars, eLearning have been completed, Officials must successfully complete an online exam that will include multiple choice and short answer questions. The pass mark will be 75%.

Note- further information is provided once officials sign up for the Level 2 Course on the eLearning system.